Tom Chapman

Software developer & computer science student

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Since I was a child, I've always been fascinated with computers and how they operate. I've always loved creative video games, ones where I can build my own worlds, and learning how to program was an evolution of that interest. From my first programs built with Visual Basic, I've taught myself several more languages, frameworks and software.

Alongside my computer science degree, I'm always eager to start new projects, ranging from useful applications, open-source libraries, and fun and entertaining games.

Aside from software development, I love creative-style games, such as Minecraft, The Sims or Mini Motorways.


Simple notification reminders

A simplistic app for Android, allowing users to create notifications to use as reminders. Localised into over 6 languages, uses Material You and has achieved high ratings on Google Play.

I built Noterly in Flutter, aiming for a simple yet functional app. After launching it, I collected feedback from users and used this to improve the app further, adding features and quality-of-life improvements.

  • Flutter
  • Firebase
  • Android

Dash Dodge

Cross-platform platformer

Dash dodge is a fun platformer for both Android and PC. Browse the list of community-built levels, and reach the end, collecting as many gems as you can. Then, build you own level with the advanced 3D level editor for PC.

Dash Dodge was a multi-year long project of mine, built with Unity. It started as a simple game I made in one day, and slowly grew in scope, features and fun. What started out as an endless runner became a full-fledged platformer, with a level editor, community levels, and more.

  • Unity
  • PC
  • Android


Homework planner

Simpliplan is a cross-platform homework planner app built with Flutter. It features cloud syncing capabilities, plus the unique feature of sharing homework with friends.

The app I initially developed for my EPQ at A-Level. I developed a unique feature of homework syncing between friends, using a fully custom C# API.

  • Flutter
  • Web App
  • Android
  • C# API

Maths Parser

Open source mathematical engine

A mathematical expression parser built with C#. It supports basic operations, plus pre-defined functions and follows the order of operations.

A library built from the ground up for my Calcu Discord bot. Under-the-hood it uses an abstract syntax tree to parse and evaluate expressions. It's designed for quickly-written expressions, including shorthand notation.

  • C#
  • Open-source
  • Library

Boolean Expression Parser

Open-source boolean engine

Boolean expression parser is a C# library for parsing and evaluating boolean expressions. It can generate truth tables or evaluate values individually.

Created from an extension task in my computer science course, this library enables the parsing of boolean expressions into an abstract syntax tree. It uses an algorithm similar to the shunting-yard algorithm to parse expressions.

  • C#
  • Open-source
  • Library


Mathematical bot for Discord

Calcu is a bot for Discord utilising my Maths Parser library to answer calculation queries in Discord servers.

From a simple idea that would help my friends, I originally used Python and its eval() function to evaluate expressions. Now, it uses a fully custom C# library to parse and evaluate expressions, and includes a handful of quality-of-life features.

  • C#
  • Open-source


Programming, markup and query
  • HTML Advanced
  • Python Advanced
  • CSS Advanced
  • C# Intermediate
  • Dart Intermediate
  • PHP Intermediate
  • SQL Intermediate
  • Java Intermediate
  • JS Beginner
  • C Beginner


Developer tools and frameworks
  • Git Advanced
  • Docker Intermediate


Miscellaneous software
  • Blender Intermediate
  • Photoshop Intermediate

Feel free to contact me about anything, whether its a question, some feedback, or just to say hi! I try to respond to all messages as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you can contact me via email at [email protected].